About Us

MIBH Plastic Supplies has been converting and trading for a comprehensive range of plastic industrial packaging products.

After years of development, we are proud to produce these industrial packaging products in house to enhance our competitiveness on quality, flexibility cost and delivery.

Throughout the years, we have been offering innovative high quality products, good customer service and on time delivery to our customers and business associates.


We work toward becoming one of the largest plastic packaging products manufacturers in Malaysia.


To manufacture and supply superior packaging products at very competitive prices coupled with excellent customer service/relations.
To create value for our customers, employees, shareholders and people, societies and countries we serve.
To GREEN the earth by encouraging the use of Biodegradable / environmental-friendly plastic.


1 High stretch capability that guarantees over cost saving of each unit wrapped, the higher stretching capacity, the lower amount of film needed for wrapping. Cost reduction compared to traditional packaging methods.

2 Tear resistance capability, when film is torn, the tear remains and does not get bigger, increased palletizing load stability and tighter wraps. Strong elastic retention to ensure the gripping force on the load is kept constant with time.

3 Physical and practical tested, simulating actual application conditions.

4. Easy handling and use.

5. Protection against dust, water and dirt during transit or storage. Self-Stickled with no glue residue. Proven grades of raw materials used, and condinuous quality inspection.

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